Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo is the UK’s biggest bingo site with more average daily players than any other site.

It certainly does have a huge range of games and options available to players. The site is so big that there is always something for everyone – whether you enjoy playing the classic 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games, 80 ball bingos.

Tombola Bingo is immensely popular for its collection of bingo variants such as, Bingo Lite, Cinco, Bingo Roulette and Rollercoaster which is available only at Tombola Bingo.

 Tombola Bingo is, therefore, the ideal online bingo gaming venue for players looking for a unique social bingo gaming experience packed with friends, fun, money, and buddies.

The minimum deposit to play is only ten pounds and when you add that to the amount that will be matched, you will be able to play a few games and get to learn all about the site, with only a small deposit.

This will give you the chance to check the site out more thoroughly than you would otherwise have done with a small free deposit that most other sites tend offer. This will give you a chance to play more of the games and really find out whether the site is for you.

Offering players a chance to win a share of the huge £3m prize pot won every week, roomies here not only have an enormous community to join in play with, but Tombola Bingo also offer some of the cheapest games around with some of the most entertaining graphics.

Tombola Bingo has a great community atmosphere on the site with 43 different chat rooms and nearly 100 Chat Room Moderators. They also offer ‘my tombola’; it’s a bit like a cross between face book and twitter for bingo.

Play-mates are tombola’s player loyalty programmers where players are rewarded each time their play mate wins which adds to the community spirit. 
So what more could you want from a bingo site, exclusive games, friendly chat rooms and a loyalty programmed? All you want is there for you. So why not give them a try today.

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