Bingo from Past to Present

There is no doubt in the fact that the presence of bingo has been around for centuries. The exact origins of the game are debatable, but historians do know that the current game of Bingo is a variation of a game once played in Italy among Gentleman called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” in the 1500’s. The game matured, and was played in France with playing cards and tokens. It was introduced late in 1920’s at an Atlanta County Fair in United States.

On e interesting factor about bingo is that it was originally called “Beano” in the United States because it was played with cards, rubber stamps, and beans. Later, the name was changed to Bingo because supposedly an excited winner yelled out “Bingo” instead of “Beano” when he won a large jackpot.

Bingo has certainly travel long journey way from rubber stamps and beans on playing cards. Nowadays it is a force of its own. There are many different ways and styles of Bingo to play.

Bingo does have a particular sub-culture, and is now very popular in online play. With the state of the current economy, more and more people are turning to online bingo games instead of travelling to Bingo halls and parlors. The weekly game at the Elk’s lodge has lost a following to the computer and the comforts of home.

This is particularly true as smoking bans have hit businesses harder and harder. Many states and cities have passed bans on smoking in all indoor public buildings, including restaurants, bars, and even Bingo halls.

Many older players who favor their cigarettes to a night out would rather pull a chair up to the computer, smoke their cigarettes, and play their weekly Bingo gamewith the same odds of winning a large jackpot as travelling to a Bingo hall.

The future of Bingo halls will remain uncertain in this economy. Many small businesses and establishments are finding themselves folding after decades of business.

Bingo halls are no exception to this, particularly when players are finding a means of playing from the comforts of their own homes.

The popularity of bingo is rolling with the advent of online bingo and it will continue to grow. It has established his place in a school room to teach children about game play, numbers, and letters too!

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